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The land around Maxville Winery formerly known as Catacula Lake is in the Chiles Valley region, located in the world-renowned Napa County, just 80 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge. It is a beautiful place in a beautiful setting, rich in history.

Joseph Chiles received the 8,000-acre Rancho Catacula Land Grant in 1844 where it was inhabited by Spanish settlers and farmers who tilled the land into a prime agriculture area. In the 1960s, the Edward Keith family purchased 1,025 acres and turned a portion of it into the Bar 49 camp for youngsters. 

Since the land was zoned for agriculture, the Keith Family decided to plant vineyards in 1974. With sustainable farming practices, the Keith’s see themselves as custodians of the land which has been placed with the Napa Valley Land Trust to preserve the integrity of the property forever. It will never be subdivided and always preserved only for agricultural use. 

In 1996, construction began for the most impressive tasting room in the Chiles Valley and a large underground aging facility which can accommodate up to 2,000 barrels. Upon entering the tasting room area, the first sight to greet visitors is a mural that encircles the huge great room. The mural, painted by Napa artist David Huddleston, depicts the history of Chiles Valley, starting with the days when the area was inhabited by the Southern Wappo Indians, continuing through the Spanish settlers, to the farmers who later tilled the area.

Today, Maxville Winery strives to continue the Keith family’s promise to the land, and carry on its mission to expand our vision by extending the wine country experience and value that is “Beyond its Normal Limitation.”

About 100 acres are planted to grapes (the first planting occurred in 1974), including Zinfandel, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The property is in "prime Zinfandel country” because of volcanic soil that is perfect for these varietals. The first vintage crushed at the facility was in 1999.                           

The bottom line is quality without compromise. It always comes back to the land and we are just stewards of the land. At Maxville Winery, we do not just grow grapes, we grow wines: let the land speak for itself through our wines. Vintage after vintage, it’s our goal to bring you varietals that exhibit a remarkable consistency of style and elegance for all occasions.